Day 1 - Stuck Shutter Photography

Day 1

November 14, 2016

Hey Friends!

As I revealed in my last post, I am heading out on a great adventure around the Pacific Northwest!  We got a late start today and didn't get as far as we thought we would, but the beautiful thing about this trip is the fact that there is no plan, no reservations, nothing.  Two and a half weeks to do whatever we want.

I took this while driving from Redding to Eureka, CA.  I really love the flow of the road through the wild forest.  We can all act like I only took one picture here and two cars just happened to be going either way when I snapped this shot.  Yeah, let's act like I didn't stand there for far too long for this to happen.

Aing the picture of the road.  I suppose the best thing about it is that passers-by got to see me with my tripod set up, looking straight down on seemingly nothing, surrounded by a beautiful forest.

This post concluded Day 1 of the trip.  We are going to be heading up the California/Oregon coast to see the giant redwoods.  I have only seen them once before as I drove up the 101, but this time I am able to stick around a little longer and maybe do some hiking.

Stay tuned!  Talk to you all tomorrow!


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