Day 5 6 - Stuck Shutter Photography

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Day 5/6

November 17th & 18th, 2016

Hey Friends!

Sorry I've been quite for a while, I've had to recharge my batteries a bit when I should have been writing.  Any way.  In the last few days, we made it from the Redwoods, to Cannon Beach and Astoria and ended up in Portland!

I've been wanting to visit Cannon Beach for quite some time now and it did not disappoint. 

The next morning, we headed over to the Peter Iredale shipwreck.  The Peter Iredale was a four masted sail ship that ran aground in 1906.  This is what is left.

Finally, we ended our day in Portland.  I love this city.

The plan right now, is to hang out in the city for a day, before heading down to Salem, OR to hike the Trail of Ten Falls.

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