Day in the Dunes - Stuck Shutter Photography

March 27, 2016

Hey friends, 

As I have said in this week's video, I am no longer going to be doing the 52 Model Challenge.  I suppose I failed.  I am supremely appreciative to those who where interested and showed up to shoot, we made amazing art!  But without dwelling too much on that, I am excited to announce that I am now going to focus on shooting landscape photography as well as making interesting to make and interesting to watch YouTube videos.  In this episode, my friends and I drove down to the Sand Dunes of Colorado and did a little shoot.   Have a watch and don't hesitate to leave a comment either on the video or the comment section below.

Don't forget to go check out my friend's Instagram page: ColoradoBlackDog

Thanks for sticking with my through this transition!

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