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Los Cabos, Mexico

May 14, 2016

In January of 2016, Stuck Shutter Photography went down to Los Cabos, Mexico.  It was quite the experience!  I have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before; nor have I seen humpback wales jumping out of the ocean.  But on this trip, I got both!  Due to lack of forethought, I didn't pack a lens that would enable me to photograph the whales, but I did get some excellent shots of the beach!

The photo above was taken just as the sun went down over the horizon.  I absolutely love the way the warm colors of the day are being taken over by the cool tones of the night.  Also, the slight blur of the crashing waves give them a feeling of motion that you wouldn't get if I hadn't slowed down the shutter speed.  I think that this is my favorite shot of the trip.

I had to work to get this shot!  It was taken at about 4 AM which meant that I had to leave the party early to be able to get up.  As a matter of fact, I was heading out to the beach just as some of the party-goers were shuffling off to their rooms.  Totally worth it!  I don't often get to see the Milky Way over the sunrise over the ocean (technically the Gulf of Mexico) with the added special appearance of Jupiter to tie it all together.  Fantastic!

This is the last image I will share from this trip.  It was interesting because the tide was coming in and I got chased out of my shooting position right after taking this picture because the area that I am standing is normally under water.  I love the way the light scrapes across the rocks, giving them great dimensions.  Also, the general softness of this image makes it SO inviting.  It makes you want to pull up a chair and listen to the waves.

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