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September 17, 2017

Hey Friends!!

I know, I know!  It's been a while since I've made a post.  Honestly, I haven't been taking many pictures but the bug is back and I am looking for work and will be sharing more consistently in the upcoming weeks!

Anyway, on the Monday after Labor Day, I travelled to Trinidad, California for a week of camping.

The Redwoods of Northern California are probably my favorite place in the US.  The mild climate, breathtaking scenery, and active wildlife make this place a true wonderland.

On the first night, we got in a bit late.  We were able to set up our tent and head down to the Trinidad Pier to do some fishing before the sun went down.  The bay is very picturesque and represents the way of life for this small town.

For the rest of our time, we spent time hiking around and seeing the sights.  I will tell you, hiking in the Redwoods is something else.  Everything is so big and lush and beautiful!  Check out these photos!

One very unique scene that we came upon is a road that I've been on before.  It's usually very green and lush, but because of the drought in the area, there has not been rain cleaning off the ferns.  In this area, the dust from the road has coated the surrounding plant life.

On the last day, we spent a great evening fishing for surf perch on Agate Beach in Patrick's Point State Park.  It is a really beautiful area, where you can watch the surfers, whales, and sea lion play in the waves together.

Obviously, I love every moment of this trip and can't wait to go back to the Pacific Northwest!  But, let's hear from you!  Where would you like to see me go next?  You can either leave a comment here, comment on any one of my social media channels, or email me at

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