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Throwback Thursday

May 19, 2016

Yeah, that's me being awesome as a kid.  I know that you are super excited for me to announce the first of my weekly #ThrowbackThursday post.  I am sorry to let you know that I won't be sharing old family photos every week.  Instead, I am going to be going through the mountains of photos that I have stored up and will share them every Thursday.  

The first go-round will be a couple shots that I took at the Denver Zoo.

There is a part of the Denver Zoo where you can get really close to parrots.  Most people go into this enclosure to feed them, but I found it a great opportunity to get awesome photos!  

I love this shot of a zebra.  The lines and contrast are fantastic.  Also, by not showing the edges of the animal, it creates more interest and takes longer for your eye to fall on any one spot.

I am excited to share more photos that I have taken over the years.  Be sure to leave a comment in the section below and let me know what you think!

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