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December 08, 2016

Art Exhibit

Hey Friends!

I just wanted to give you a little update on what I have going on.  Yesterday, I ordered two AWESOME prints (yes, I actually did purchase them through the Stuck Shutter Store).  I am extra excited about them because they are going to be printed on metal, which I have only done a few times before!

Why am I so excited?  First, these are two of my favorite images that I have made.  Second, the process of printing on metal is awesome and it makes the colors and details POP off the print.  Third, they are pretty darn big.  One being 20x30 inches and the other measuring in at 20x40 inches!  Lastly, because they are going to be displayed in an art gallery in Downtown Denver.  Where I am hoping a TON of people will be seeing them.

Here are the two images that I have selected for this exhibit:

I took this photo as the sun was setting on a Cabo San Lucas beach.  (To which, I will be returning in exactly one month from today!!!)  I love the textures, the colors, the motion and the general feeling of this image.  Definitely one of my favorites.

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Looks familiar, doesn't it?  You're right, it's the Maroon Bells mountain range and yes, it is one of the most photographed mountains in North America.  There is a reason for this....It's beautiful.  It's hard to take a bad picture of the place.  But this image is mine and I love it.  First, it's quintessential Colorado.  Next, the perfect choppiness of the water.  A million people have a picture of this lake acting as a mirror and they are great, but I prefer the imperfections that I experienced when taking this image. Also, it puts on a beautiful color show.  Something you just don't get with a perfect reflection.

Anyway, I will be sharing the prints when I get them on my Facebook page, so stay tuned!

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