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Bringing it to Life

October 17, 2015

The image above is a scene that I have had in my mind for a couple of weeks now.  Last night, I finally had time to do a 'proof of concept' shoot, to make sure it was feasible.  You might think that this is one image but it is actually two images combined in Photoshop.  I did this because neither my subject or I can blow such pretty smoke rings.  To solve this problem, I went into my garage with a paper towel roll center and shot the ring.  Then we finished it up in my kitchen.  After a total of 15 minutes, this image was created.  It shows that with a little know-how, an artist can bring a picture from his/her mind and bring it to life.  I will be re-doing the shot above with some more thought of subject (although I appreciate the help of my friend Jaret!) and lighting, but I am happy that what I envisioned can actually be done. 

Here are a couple more shots that followed this 'game plan':

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