Day 4 - Stuck Shutter Photography

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Day 4

November 16th, 2016 (written on the 17th)

Yesterday was mostly spent in the car.  We got a super late start and needed to make it up to the Cannon Beach area.  We did stop a few times when the scenery could not be passed by.  Like this super picturesque lighthouse.

I don't know how many times I've muttered to myself, "Oh man, that's pretty!" while driving up highway 101.   Such as when we drove over this bridge in between rain storms.  

Welp, now we're in Seaside and I need to do some laundry and then go to Cannon Beach for some sunset shots.  I might even head up to Peter Iredale's Shipwreck to try some Milky Way shots.  We'll see....  Oh, and check out this seagull that posed for me while I was photographing the lighthouse.

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