Day 7 - Stuck Shutter Photography

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Day 7

November 19, 2016

Well, today has been interesting.  Instead of exploring the city of Portland, taking pictures and enjoying the food and beer, I spent the day in the emergency room but don't worry, everything it fine.  

While I wasn't able to make any new images, it did give me some time to go through all of the images that I have already made and find some gems that I had previously skipped over.  Here are a couple that I really like:

This shows the enormity of the the Redwoods.  Hell, even the ferns are almost as big as my wife!  I am excited to go back to this area.  It really does feel like you're walking through a prehistoric land!

Here is another view of that bridge that I posted in Day 4.  It's just a nice scene that I feel perfectly exemplifies Oregon this time of year.  

Anyway, I am going on a 7 mile hike on one of Oregon's most famous trails tomorrow and will be posting those images shortly thereafter.  Stay tuned!

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