Jenna - Stuck Shutter Photography

Feb 18, 2017

Hey Friends,

Thanks for checking out today's blog post!  This one is a little over-due.  I simply took longer to edit the video than I normally do.   But HERE IT IS!  

It was pretty fun to do a little impromptu surreal shot with Jenna.  It kind of keyed me off that I don't have to do the same standard shoots for this challenge, nor should I!  I am doing this challenge to grow as a photographer and if I went with the status quo, I won't improve or learn.

Anyway, I realized that it may not be idea to just see the images during the video, so here are some of the images that we made during our shoot:

Thanks again for checking out this blog.  If you have any suggestions on what I should do for future 52 Model Challenge shoots, you can leave a comment below or on one of my other social media channels.

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