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Feb 12, 2017

Hey friends!

Here I am, checking in for week 6 of my 52 model challenge.  This has been an interesting one for me.  First, I got to work with Rachel which you may recognize from my previous work.  This is because I have known her for a few years now and we've worked together multiple times.  I definitely always look forward to working with her.  I chose not to do a YouTube video for our shoot since the nature of the shoot had a bunch of nudity that I didn't feel like editing out to make it YouTube terms of service compliant.  Anyway, let me show you a few photos...


With this shoot, my goal was to practice high-contact bodyscapes.  The funny thing is, I had two pictures in my head going into the shoot.  I got those done in the first 15 minutes of shooting, so I had to keep myself going and get other creative shots that fit in with the rest of the shoot.  That is what I have shown above.  Here are the two shots that I envisioned which prompted the shoot.


Alright.  Let's talk about this last shot.  It's got an area of the female body that seems to cause a bunch of controversy.  I posted this image to Instagram and while I got a HUGE (for me) amount of likes and comments letting me know that people were enjoying the image, I also had a rather large group of people reach out to me either through DM or other means to let me know that they strongly disliked the image and they didn't think it should be posted.  As far as threatening to report my account to Instagram.    I would like to talk about this here and put my perspective out there.

I strange as it is to admit, I am an artist.  Yes, this image depicts the female form.  I have said it many times and I will say it again, I do not photograph nudity for the sake of nudity nor will I take a picture for the sole purpose of seducing the viewers.  When I decided to do this shoot, I had only the intention of practicing my art and becoming more of an expert in lighting.  

While I respect everyone's opinion and want everyone to be comfortable, I hope that all those made uncomfortable by this image can see it for what it is; art.  

For everyone else, thank you for your support!  I really do love this image.

I am going to continue in my 52 Model Challenge, which will take me in many directions.  I am excited to see were it takes me and love that many of you will go on this journey with me.  Stay tuned.

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