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May 29th, 2017

Hey everyone!

What a week I've had!  Let me tell you...   Last Tuesday, a few friends and I left work and started driving to Grand Teton National Park for a week of camping, photography, and fun!  Eight and a half long hours of night driving later, we pulled up to our campsite.  We got our tent pitched and all the food in the bear box.  We were set.  We spent the rest of the day checking out our new temporary home and got our Wyoming fishing licenses.  After a few hours of unproductive shore fishing, I grabbed my camera and captured the sunset before laying down for bed and sleeping.  Being awake for 36 hours is not always the most fun, but it was completely worth it!


The next morning, we got up and were lined up on the shore of Lake Jackson trying our best to catch a fish.  After failing at this for a while, I grabbed my camera and snapped this photo of the first light touching the top of Tetons.


I am not going to bore you with the other details of the things we did in a step by step fashion, although it was awesome.  Here is the majority of the photos that I took during my time there.



You might notice the image of the lovely woman holding my Hasselblad in the last album of images.  This is something that I am a little excited about.  Not the woman, but the camera.  You see, I recently acquired film for that camera that expired in 2001.  I am not sure what is going to happen, but I took the camera and photographed the Tetons.  The film is currently in the lab.  It may come back blank, it may come back perfect.  OR, it may come back with interesting colors or "blemishes".  Only time will tell and you should be as excited as I am about that.  More to come on that...


Finally, on the very last night, my friends and I got the surprise of our life.  Allow me to set the scene for you.  It was approximately 10 PM when I decided that I wanted to walk my dirty laundry to the campground's laundromat so I could go home smelling nice and clean.  I put in my load and started walking back to camp while they washed.  On my way back, I noticed what I thought was a small noctilucent cloud (which are very high altitude clouds which are able to catch the sun's light long after it has fallen behind the horizon) hanging above the Tetons.  I walked back and grabbed my camera because I thought it looked nice.  When I exposed my first image, I realized what I was looking at.  THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!  In the camera, the colors were so prominent!  I got SO excited that I ran to the water's edge in the dark with my camera.  I framed up my shot and got the following image. 

After sitting on the shore for a while, the vivid aurora faded.  I went and gathered my clothes and returned to my camp to put them away.  As soon as I got back, I happened to look through the trees to the north.  Once again, I was sprinting to the water's edge, seeing a bright bow of light over the northern horizon.  I captured this three-shot panorama over Jackson Lake.  

This glow lasted quite a while.  After about 45 minutes of photographing it, I had seen and captured the peak of it and headed off to bed.  This trip, in all, was much more than I was expecting and I feel very lucky for experiencing all that the Grand Tetons had to offer.  For those interested, some of these images will be available in the Stuck Shutter Store for purchase.  Check it out. 

Where should I head next?

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